Welcome and thank you for visiting the Brice Ltd. site. Please feel free to visit us at our showroom or to contact us by phone, fax or email with any questions you have.

The Brice Ltd. sales team of Parks Hall and Angela McGraw is always ready to answer product or service questions and can help you with any part of a floor sale or special order. If you are already working with one of us, call or email us direct. We want to hear from you!

If you were ever a regular at Brice, you’ll notice that Wayne Croy isn’t on the floor or the phone any more. Wayne retired in December so he could get up to the Georgia mountains. We miss Wayne and his friendly spark but we know he’s enjoying the sweet mountain change of pace.

Brice, Ltd. at the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center
351 Peachtree Hills Ave. Suite 220
Atlanta, GA 30305
O: 404-261-5846
F: 404-261-5760
email: brice@briceltd.com

Hours: M-F 9-5


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